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From Our Libraries' Customers

  • Tim Piotrowski
    Tim Piotrowski Digging the Pinterest-ized new website from @chipublib t.co/55GZ90zXZY
  • Nadia Kreeft
    Nadia Kreeft Check out the new website of the Chicago Public Library.Kinda looks like Amazon, but I like it! t.co/Q3eJGAP9Kb
  • Jaymes Kaiser
    Jaymes Kaiser This new @chipublib is so slick #readinggoteasier #21stcentury
  • Alexa D Hamilton
    Alexa D Hamilton As we often say at the library, check it out! RT @ChicagosMayor: .@chipublib has a brand new website! t.co/ci4Zbj1LVU
  • Tushar Samant
    Tushar Samant Exciting: you can post book reviews, summaries, quotes etc to the new @chipublib web site—the only site I feel like contributing to.
  • John H
    John H I love the new #chipublib website, looks awesome, and the new features are all great!
  • Max Grinnell
    Max Grinnell Kudos to @chipublib on the new site! A more dynamic experience & it looks like the way we browse now, as they say. Well done, friends.
  • Amy Cavanaugh
    Amy Cavanaugh I love that the new @chipublib site tells me where I fall on the waiting list for books!
  • Sierra Campbell
    Sierra Campbell @CPLFoundation @chipublib Love the new website! Been using it for a while in beta testing!
  • Andres
    Andres looks like @chipublib website got a snazzy new look. quite the makeover!
  • Tori Reneker
    Tori Reneker Really impressed with the new t.co/oeTBtOkkQD site.
  • Yanira S.
    Yanira S. @chipublib new website is awesome!!
  • Adriana
    Adriana Just when I thought @chipublib could not get any better, they revamp their website. Very Cool. #LOVEIT
  • spz
    spz @chipublib Love the new site so far! UI is improved - prominence of search is much appreciated, among other things.
  • CBS Chicago
    CBS Chicago #Pinterest meets #Amazon! @chipublib commissioner joins us live on set to talk about the new changes in store for CPL... next on CBS2!
  • Jeff Youngstrom
    Jeff Youngstrom @KCLS New catalog is shiny! Will the Recently Returned feature be enabled eventually?
  • Lorna Wheaton
    Lorna Wheaton @KCLS Got in! Thanks . . . I thought I missed something in the transition.
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