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From Our Libraries' Customers

King @BtfdLibrary New version of @bibliocommons makes it much easier to renew nearly-overdue items though, I must say!
  • Alison Wheeler
    Alison Wheeler @bibliocommons @hclib @ArapahoeLibrary @DCLcolorado I feel envious of a library called Arapahoe..great news!
  • Rebekah
    Rebekah @VPL @bibliocommons Thank you so much, those are perfect!
  • Erin Adams
    Erin Adams Dear @cmlibrary I love your new site. I hope everyone "checks it out." #librarypuns t.co/pTgeBdlY61
  • Nancy a tavsendassa
    Nancy a tavsendassa @pimalibrary @bibliocommons FANTASTIC! I haven't seen /heard of these (except Snowbound) and I'm looking forward to reading them. I know
  • Athina
    Athina I like this. A++ #libraries #privacy t.co/ylcU8xORHw
  • Kate Dyer-Seeley
    Kate Dyer-Seeley @cackalackspdx @MultCoLib @bibliocommons that's awesome! My #PNW mysteries and my @BakeshopMystery too! Three cheers for Oregon reads.
  • Ehbooklover
    Ehbooklover I read so many great books this year! Here's a list of some of my faves: t.co/nH2WCGIhGQ via @bibliocommons & @markhamlibrary
  • Jessica Hilt
    Jessica Hilt San Diego, rejoice! The @sdpubliclibrary website has been modernized! FINALLY! It looks SO GOOD. #booknerds
  • Erik Christiansen
    Erik Christiansen Great new @EPLdotCA website! t.co/igwX9Fa33M Very modern, #responsive, and clean #usability #design
  • Kim_Buttons
    Kim_Buttons .@EPLdotCA Love the new site design! I got a sneak peek recently- you must have been testing? Reverted within a min to old site. #verycool
  • Brian MacKay
    Brian MacKay Looks great! Seems a lot more user-friendly than it was. t.co/1ia42yc93M
  • Christopher Nash
    Christopher Nash @EPLdotCA Nice work on your new website design! t.co/TmA82ax136 #yeg
  • Kay Mulcaster
    Kay Mulcaster @EPLdotCA you are the Best. Without you, #YEG would be so dull. New website is wonderful!
  • Ali Shiri
    Ali Shiri Edmonton Public Library new website looks great! Modern looking, rich in content, easy to search and browse and visually pleasing!
  • Caitlin Padanyi
    Caitlin Padanyi EPL is one of my favourite parts of living in #yeg Now they have a sweet updated website!
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