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From Our Libraries' Customers

#geek #librarylover
  • Lady Lazarus
    Lady Lazarus @rollin_academic (2/2) for example, @HamiltonLibrary has a great app (bibliocommons?) but @torontolibrary doesn't, to my total shock
  • mandi s
    mandi s can't wait for the new @hclib online catalog. preview it here t.co/iyODYh5JFL and i think you'll be excited too.
  • Heather
    Heather @markhamlibrary @bibliocommons Love the new update to the MPL catalogue! <3
  • Scott Wickham
    Scott Wickham The new @TopekaLibrary catalog is really nice and it works great! Check it out if you get a chance. t.co/ysIrqhl1YT
  • AD Lyte
    AD Lyte Checking out the new @TopekaLibrary catalog - so much easier to read, can't wait to find more books & DVDs! t.co/lEnXvM4ONk
  • Visit Topeka
    Visit Topeka Are you looking for a perfect book, DVD or song #TopCity? @TopekaLibrary has you covered! t.co/0zKFwNVEfh t.co/7Unq4xfZOE
  • jasonmgilbert
    jasonmgilbert TSCPL's new catalog t.co/NVnGsUVjPR is the bomb. My fave: the filter button upper left @topekalibrary t.co/Gc9ipw61lv
  • Abby Blachly
    Abby Blachly LT recommendations can be a feature in @bibliocommons, and they're now also in the cool new While You Wait. t.co/TSs6Kl9cXl
  • Diana Gehrt
    Diana Gehrt MidContinent library system website is one of their busiest "branches". What does your website say about your school library? #MASLSC
  • Adam W. King
    Adam W. King @BtfdLibrary New version of @bibliocommons makes it much easier to renew nearly-overdue items though, I must say!
  • Alison Wheeler
    Alison Wheeler @bibliocommons @hclib @ArapahoeLibrary @DCLcolorado I feel envious of a library called Arapahoe..great news!
  • Rebekah
    Rebekah @VPL @bibliocommons Thank you so much, those are perfect!
  • lindsay
    lindsay oof I love @bibliocommons as a patron
  • Erin Adams
    Erin Adams Dear @cmlibrary I love your new site. I hope everyone "checks it out." #librarypuns t.co/pTgeBdlY61
  • Nancy a tavsendassa
    Nancy a tavsendassa @pimalibrary @bibliocommons FANTASTIC! I haven't seen /heard of these (except Snowbound) and I'm looking forward to reading them. I know
  • Athina
    Athina I like this.
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