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From Our Libraries' Customers

CHIPUBLIB_ADULTS'S COMPLETED SHELF t.co/KJo8uqeylC via @bibliocommons & @chipublib
  • Kimberly Annex
    Kimberly Annex Renewing books from my sofa: #priceless. The @chipublib Android app makes me so happy.
  • Arlene Smith
    Arlene Smith @opl_bpo I love that my ebook and book holds are now integrated. A simple thing that makes me happy.
  • Kristi Chadwick
    Kristi Chadwick Staff lists created thru Bibliocommons with usernames for patrons to follow. Can share directly from catalog. #rauncon
  • Molly Wetta
    Molly Wetta Playing around with our new catalog @bibliocommons and it's SO exciting.
  • Candace Drimmer
    Candace Drimmer @chipublib new web site wonderous, full of # of copies, queue # my hold is! Bravo! #publiclibrary
  • Esly Sarmiento
    Esly Sarmiento I love the new cpl website. I can now search for ebooks or music and borrow it instantly #cplwebcontest
  • Gryphon Vintage
    Gryphon Vintage Love new feature of knowing what # I am in line when placing items on hold in the Chicago Public Library! #cplwebcontest
  • BullsFanDan
    BullsFanDan I really like how I can review books on the new @chipublib website. I can also interact with others, really good upgrade. #Cplwebcontest
  • Matteo Giacomo Jori
    Matteo Giacomo Jori Chicago Public Library formally introduces redesigned web site, first #library to use new #bibliocommons platform t.co/6FiBxChHRX
  • david reeves
    david reeves love checking out ebooks from @SeattleLibrary via @bibliocommons - but was surprised to find no way to return a book before its due date!
  • Blythe Gifford
    Blythe Gifford Well, that's an interesting update to the @chipublib website! Looks as if it is meant to be seen on a tablet. t.co/1fuFSOV3Bm
  • Tim Piotrowski
    Tim Piotrowski Digging the Pinterest-ized new website from @chipublib t.co/55GZ90zXZY
  • Nadia Kreeft
    Nadia Kreeft Check out the new website of the Chicago Public Library.Kinda looks like Amazon, but I like it! t.co/Q3eJGAP9Kb
  • Alexa D Hamilton
    Alexa D Hamilton As we often say at the library, check it out! RT @ChicagosMayor: .@chipublib has a brand new website!
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