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From Our Libraries' Customers

dream come true: t.co/rGs6sGDKK0 @brooklynpublic
  • Vook
    Vook Why the @NYPL's new social catalog is great for readers—and writers t.co/3FPku8yDtQ #smw
  • Park Slope Neighbors
    Park Slope Neighbors There's an app for that! @brooklynpublic library has released an app for iPhone and Android: t.co/Olpj86u29V
  • Ethan Angelica
    Ethan Angelica YAY! @brooklynpublic just got an app!
  • Wagner+
    Wagner+ NY Public Library has an awesome social catalog! Rate, tag and share with users from 40+ libraries throughout the US & Canada. #smwnyc #nypl
  • Meghan Dowell
    Meghan Dowell The @nypl bibliocommons catalog is looking pretty snazzy. #smwsocialcat
  • Sue
    Sue Just downloaded the @jocolibrary app. Renewed an item with just two clicks. Why did I not know about this before?! #loveit
  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams Oh man, loving new @multcolib website!! Pretty impressive UI for a public entity. Have yet to find Book Club features, but still exploring!
  • Molly Gilbert
    Molly Gilbert Wowsa - I love the new @MultCoLib website. Incredibly user friendly… #Books #NerdTweet
  • pdxkatie
    pdxkatie In love with the new @MultCoLib web site! Couldn't be more eager to participate with our community of readers! t.co/eAvZpP6n #mymcl
  • Paige Lysaght
    Paige Lysaght Wow, the new @crrlnews online catalog is approximately a billion times more awesome than the previous setup. Exciting!
  • Celia Barlow
    Celia Barlow @MultCoLib How do I love thee? Let me count the books on "My Shelves"! Excellent feature to new website. Thank you! You are the best!
  • Lisa McMahan
    Lisa McMahan @MultCoLib Love, love, love it!
  • PDXShinn
    PDXShinn My @MultCoLib is the only institution that merits memorizing a 14-digit account number. New online catalog in beta is great.
  • Mary Medinsky
    Mary Medinsky @rdpl many! As always, great service, love @bibliocommons
  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Brooklyn Public Library just updated their site. The My Account page is all fancified.
  • Matthew Printz
    Matthew Printz @AustinPublicLib The new catalog is SO MUCH BETTER. Switch it over as the default right now! Seriously. #IMeanIt
  • Sheri Hicks
    Sheri Hicks Loving the new Austin Public Library Catalog.
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