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From Our Libraries' Customers

It's better designed & easier to use than the site.
  • Kayla Senyk
    Kayla Senyk I'll just mention again: #ILove @EPLdotCA #yeg #bookworm #app 🤓📚 t.co/Jh05h29L7v
  • Vicki Ziegler
    Vicki Ziegler Built me a @Bibliocommons list of 2015 #CrazyforCanLit selections (using the @GillerPrize collection) t.co/oYAQQWjDXb
  • Deanna Mingo
    Deanna Mingo Said it before and I'll say it again... I LOVE the new @chipublib website. t.co/fq0A2t5fyd #nerdthings t.co/I6nJAe67Fe
  • Jeremy Toeman
    Jeremy Toeman giving some props to @SFPublicLibrary for their new&improved website and for an open beta to try out new features!!
  • mari huertas
    mari huertas Reserved a copy of Sally Mann's "Hold Still" at @chipublib using the new @bibliocommons system. Nice to see reviews of the book on the site.
  • Jessica Hickok
    Jessica Hickok Congrats to @SFPublicLibrary on launching their new online catalog, using @BiblioCommons. And finally, a mobile-friendly app! Hooray!
  • garret
    garret Really pleased to see @SFPublicLibrary's online catalog get a facelift thanks to @bibliocommons! Huge improvement.
  • da5e
    da5e the new @SFPublicLibrary catalog by @bibliocommons looks deeeheeeecent. t.co/38diclQM1q
  • Elena Acoba
    Elena Acoba Congrats @pimalibrary ! I've been using the beta for a few weeks now and I like it: Easier to navigate, readable type & good interactives.
  • Frank Beck
    Frank Beck @pimalibrary Eye-catching and easy to use. Congratulations to all those who turned bright ideas into bytes
  • Melissa Techman
    Melissa Techman @pimalibrary I like it, fun, not overwhelming, appealing. VERY good that you have the popup re search, I would not have guessed...
  • Jessica Howard
    Jessica Howard The new @pimalibrary website is so much better! Hooray for print and e-book hold requests all in one place.
  • thedirtyground
    thedirtyground Signed up for a new @calgarylibrary card! Already have borrowed a bunch of audiobooks! Love it!
  • Brent Buechler
    Brent Buechler Filed under #awesomeness! “@calgarylibrary: Welcome to our new website—and new URL! t.co/2SukaAafL2 t.co/V40QwsPhZv”
  • Natalie Veldhoen
    Natalie Veldhoen A new website and a @calgarylibrary app for Android, a bit of belated Christmas.
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