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From Our Libraries' Customers

As always, great service, love @bibliocommons
  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Brooklyn Public Library just updated their site. The My Account page is all fancified.
  • (((MattJew Printz)))
    (((MattJew Printz))) @AustinPublicLib The new catalog is SO MUCH BETTER. Switch it over as the default right now! Seriously. #IMeanIt
  • Sheri Hicks
    Sheri Hicks Loving the new Austin Public Library Catalog. t.co/PrqYzhlv
  • Michele J. Beacham
    Michele J. Beacham I love the new @SantaMonicaPL catalog system! It also might be a perfect case study for the paper I'm presently writing.
  • Mary Grace Kosta
    Mary Grace Kosta So impressed with the Lethbridge Public Library online catalogue. You can see book covers, read reviews and author notes, and get booklists!
  • julia g
    julia g yes @nypl i love bibliocommons. i will browse some lists that include wolf hall!
  • gretchen caserotti
    gretchen caserotti Bibliocommons provides curation in catalog we never had before. Can promote collections cross-platforms #LJDOD12
  • Nick Zielinski
    Nick Zielinski @OmahaLibrary I really like the new catalog great upgrade!
  • Robin
    Robin @bibliocommons @omahalibrary & it's great! Love the new format!
  • Meaghan
    Meaghan Have I mentioned how much I love the @opl_bpo iPhone app? Because I do. It's really, really useful.
  • Tamara Vineberg
    Tamara Vineberg I created this reading list with the help of @EPLdotCA. It's a great way to keep track of what I want to read. t.co/etTlTjVn #yeg
  • Erin M. Harris
    Erin M. Harris @BPLBoston AWESOME! I don't have to go log in to another site anymore! Hooray!
  • Alejandro Garza
    Alejandro Garza The Bibliocommons mobile app for libraries looks awesome. t.co/pmIK7sVP #libraries
  • Slaven Slaven
    Slaven Slaven Bibliocommons allows users to download #ebooks DIRECTLY from the catalog. This rules. HT @infoexplora & thanks @SPLBuzz t.co/iKOK8i8o
  • Jennifer Spencer
    Jennifer Spencer SO cool! RT @BPLBoston: @jennalyns We added a new feature to our website today - you can download eBooks directly from our catalog.
  • NikMaack
    NikMaack @opl_bpo The OPL app is amazing. Someone mentions a book? Out comes the iPhone & I place a hold w ease. Bravo!
  • Steve Cooper
    Steve Cooper @opl_bpo @JessicaEPearce I use OPL site to keep track of what I'm going to read next, even for books OPL doesn't carry.
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