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From Our Libraries' Customers

  • Kane Prestenback
    Kane Prestenback The @NYPL just made reading fun again! check out what I'm reading! t.co/hspI6WQ @bibliocommons
  • Brooklyn Centre
    Brooklyn Centre @bibliocommons love list features at Cleveland Public Library t.co/Yp8Jipp
  • Shawnee Chamber
    Shawnee Chamber yea! I can place holds from my phone! RT @jocolibrary: ... how about an Android app for the Library catalog? bit.ly/qOXi5M
  • toayc
    toayc How to win, public library edition: @jocolibrary announces an Android app for the Library catalog bit.ly/qOXi5M
  • Alisa Lokshin
    Alisa Lokshin Oh hells yes! RT @VPL 'Droid does...VPL! Download the VPL app for Android smartphones today! t.co/WFi2EAv
    ADRIAN Been waiting for this! Thx! RT @woodwardsmile @VPL: 'Droid does...VPL! Download VPL app for Android smartphones today! t.co/KclMOnK
  • Gena Chattin
    Gena Chattin Neat RT @nypl: Share your book lists with NYPL's new catalog. Here's one. Send us yours! ow.ly/5MxMv
  • Eric Bucad
    Eric Bucad .@VPL I got to test the barcode on your app on checkout - it worked!
  • Adam Exton
    Adam Exton Extremely impressed with the new #Barrie Public Library website. Very innovative. t.co/iIZU1Ap
  • HeatherScent
    HeatherScent I love the new Bibliocommons search on @windsorpublib website!
  • Samantha Robertson
    Samantha Robertson Having fun checking out @VPL's @bibliocommons thanks to @BernicePaul. Might pick up "Midwife of Venice". Relive my Italy trip!
  • Bernice Paul
    Bernice Paul Just spent about an hour getting to know @VPL's @bibliocommons I think you'd like it @tanyapazzy and @SamJaneHui.
  • john fink
    john fink Holy moley, HPL's bibliocommons site now has a truly cool mobile interface! Is that new?
  • Mita Williams
    Mita Williams I adore @windsorpublib 's @bibliocommons mobile app.
  • Dustin
    Dustin @BPLBoston The new online system is great! Just logged in and renewed some books #easy #breezy Plus I love the recently reviewed books!
  • nandana
    nandana Love it. Spent hours on it. RT @nypl shared reading lists, book ratings, reviews and more. Preview the new NYPL Catalog: t.co/goTt4Vv
  • Amy R.
    Amy R. Pretty snazzy!
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