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From Our Libraries' Customers

Discovering new possibilities. A true story.

  • @lydia_sharp Lydia Sharp Attempting to decipher my library's new online catalog. Grrr.... I love my library, but this is SO confusing.
  • @lydia_sharp Lydia Sharp So... I have successfully registered for the new online library system, and the first thing I see on my account is TWO overdue books! #crap
  • @lydia_sharp Lydia Sharp I have a total of 10 currently checked out. That's average for me. Not-so-average is that I don't have any on hold. Hmm... must remedy this.
  • @lydia_sharp Lydia Sharp I'm complaining about this new set-up, but really it's pretty cool. We can now review the items we check out, including movies. [more]
  • @lydia_sharp Lydia Sharp And it keeps an ongoing log of what we check out. We can rate & review items, and see other ppl's activity, too. Kinda like goodreads. Nice.
  • @VintageReader Molly Ives Brower @lydia_sharp Looks like your library is using BiblioCommons, which is pretty cool. Social networking + library catalog.
  • @lydia_sharp Lydia Sharp @VintageReader Yes! That's exactly what it is. :-) And now that I've familiarized myself with it, dare I say it's *better* than goodreads...
  • @lydia_sharp Lydia Sharp @VintageReader Still love goodreads, but this has a lot of features (like tagging w/ a content warning) that goodreads doesn't. Very helpful
  • @lydia_sharp D.B. Smyth @lydia_sharp mine in Howard county MD is very similar and I love it. Can renew online too if it's not on hold by anyone else. <3 the library
  • @lydia_sharp Lydia Sharp @DB_Smyth I'm getting sucked into now that I've figured out the basics. It's a lot like goodreads with shelves and ratings and so forth. Fun
  • @lydia_sharp Lydia Sharp If you don't see me for a while, twitter, it's not b/c I'm writing (which I had planned on). It's b/c I'm fooling around w/ my library.

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