Feedback: The lifeblood of BiblioCommons

Our initial design process involved hundreds of customer interviews, and thousands of survey responses.  The voice of end-user remains central, even as we scale. There’s a feedback box at the bottom of every page for logged in customers.  To date, we’ve received over 60,000 submissions. Of course it’s not all a big lovefest but it’s all pretty essential: the suggestions inspire us, and help us prioritize; the bug reports keep us super-responsive – often posting fixes even before site administrators report issues; the compliments reassure us and underscore what’s valued today; and the rants keep us vigilant, reminding us of how much more there is to do tomorrow!

Frustrated feedback from customers who find change tough is par for the course with any major service change at a public library.  But what our libraries tell us is not the norm, and a distinguishing feature of the BiblioCommons experience, is the volume and magnitude of the positive feedback.

Q: When was the last time you rolled out a service to these kind of reviews ...

... on Twitter?

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