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Top 3 Reasons Why Libraries Choose BiblioCommons

Patron-Centric: Ensuring Your Customers Are Happy

We care about your patrons and their experiences as much as you do. Our products and services continually evolve to prioritize patrons’ needs and expectations.

Industry-Informed: Making Complex Ideas Simple by Design

We place a focus on data, accessibility, DEI, security, and self-service to empower library staff to unlock the full potential of the web and delight the diverse communities they serve.

Partner in Innovation: Always Collaborating to Push Forward

We understand that great leaps in services can’t happen in isolation. We are proud to work together with Partner Libraries to bring their product enhancements and ideas to life.

Empowering Public Libraries with Digital Technology to Expand Their Reach and Impact

Built upon the robust framework of BiblioCore, the entire BiblioCommons product suite is designed to function in harmony, each product complementing and enhancing the others.

At the heart of our vision is a holistic approach to the online public library. Rather than seeing each feature or product in isolation, we view the entire digital ecosystem as interconnected.

For patrons, this translates to an experience that's not just seamless but also deeply engaging, intuitive, and tailored to their needs. Simultaneously, library staff are equipped with powerful tools that streamline tasks, encourage innovation, and enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of library operations.

A diagram showing BiblioCore as the foundation of all the BiblioCommons Products. At the base, the ILS connects to BiblioCore. BiblioApps, BiblioEvents, BiblioWeb, and BiblioEmail connect to BiblioCore.

Discovery Layer

Provide a discovery layer that is so much more than an online repository of the library's collections and give patrons an online public library discovery experience unlike any other.

Discovery Layer Add-Ons

Enhance staff and patrons' experiences by providing multiple languages, integrating your e-resources, managing patrons' suggestions, and allowing patrons to oversee fines—all in the online catalog.

Mobile App

Drive patrons to the library with a modern, functional, and accessible mobile app that is library-branded and consistent with the online catalog experience they know and love.

Website Builder

Showcase the best your library has to offer with a fully integrated CMS and webpage builder that is beautiful, unique to your library's brand, and aligned with your goals.

Events Calendar

Manage and promote your library's programs calendar with a simple, intuitive, and staff-friendly solution that patrons will love using to discover your events.

Email Marketing

Send personalized emails filled with visually rich content tailored to recipients' interests that use existing content from BiblioWeb, BiblioEvents, and BiblioCore.

I freakin’ love this site and how easy it is to use!!!! I was NOT a library user, though I had a card for years, until I was introduced to this site! Now, I’ve borrowed and read some 6-8 books in the last couple of months!! I’m reading again!! :-D”

The Seattle Public Library Patron

THIS is what I have wanted for years! When you look up a subject you find multiple sources that you want to checkout or save to checkout after you get through and return a stack of books. The ability to click “place a hold” or “save for later” makes for a great one click borrowing experience. Thank you for making my wish list come true!”

Columbus Metropolitan Library Patron

I think ur online website is very nice. I’m in 4th grade and all the books I need are always there such as books on Quebec that I needed for school and movies sooo many movies! I think your website and your library are the best I have seen. Thank you for doing such a good job!”

Fraser Valley Regional Library Patron

I love, love, love the HC website. Still exploring some of the options, but basically love it. I wanted to let you know as well that I think your online presence is superb. If only all branches of local government could be so useful. Thanks a million! I’m sure there are plenty of library junkies like me out there, but I wish there were a way to trumpet to the masses what a fantastic resource HCL is for all of us. Keep up great work. You’re amazing”

Hennepin County Library Patron

Provide patrons an online public library discovery experience unlike any other and save staff time.

Offer more accurate search results, easier borrowing, and enhanced discovery pathways with the most mobile-friendly online discovery layer on the market.