Automated search suggestions and best-in-class search relevancy on the go.

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Deliver Engaging Content and Promote Discovery Wherever Your Patrons Are

Drive patrons to the library with a modern, functional, and accessible mobile app that is library-branded and consistent with the online catalog experience they know and love. Let your collections, programs, services, and locations shine by using industry-leading mobile design principles.

Experiences That Enable Discovery

Bring the joy of browsing your physical shelves to your mobile app and make it easy for the patrons to find what they care about. A content-forward and welcoming home screen highlights new titles, staff lists, and events. Users can also view available titles from their 'For Later Shelf,' learn what books your library has on order, and browse your locations with real-time distance information.

Searching That Inspires

Consistently deliver relevant and accurate search results with BiblioApps' automated search suggestions and best-in-class search relevancy. Sophisticated facets and a FRBRised grouped results display make it easier for users to find what they're looking for. Location-contextualized availability and multiple filtering options enhance the experience. Plus, patrons can quickly locate and save books and movies in your collections by scanning an item's barcode.

Self-Checkout Capabilities

Provide patrons with a fast and convenient way to check out library resources using their devices. Both barcode checkout and RFID checkout are available with BiblioApps. From discovering new titles, placing holds, and checking out collections on their own, patrons have a convenient contactless way to borrow when visiting your locations.

A User Interface That Patrons Expect

User-friendly navigation, clean design, and a modern interface that keeps up with the latest tech landscape trends mean that patrons can intuitively operate the app without having to learn how to use it. With an account summary front and center, users can easily access their library card, see library notices, and stay up to date on their borrowing—and do it all with the same account they use to access the online catalog.

An Accessible App Everyone Can Use and Love

ADA compliance in native apps is critical. BiblioApps is significantly more accessible than all the other available library apps. With advanced screen reader capabilities, contrast and color compliance, dynamic type resizing, and intuitive navigation, your library can provide an accessible and inclusive library on the go to all audiences, regardless of their abilities.

A Way to Connect with the Library Community

Give patrons the ability to engage with their community easily and on the go. BiblioApps users can see, rate, and write reviews directly from their phones. There is no need to log into a computer to add comments to the catalog, which makes engaging with your library effortless, more fun, similar to the online catalog experience, and consistent with other mobile app interactions that users are familiar with.

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Bring the thrill of discovery to every swipe.

Drive patrons to the library with a beautiful, functional, and accessible mobile app.

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Discovery Layer

Provide a discovery layer that is so much more than an online repository of the library's collections and give patrons an online public library discovery experience unlike any other.

Discovery Layer Add-Ons

Enhance staff and patrons' experiences by providing multiple languages, integrating your e-resources, managing patrons' suggestions, and allowing patrons to oversee fines—all in the online catalog.

Website Builder

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Email Marketing

Send personalized emails filled with visually rich content tailored to recipients' interests that use existing content from BiblioWeb, BiblioEvents, and BiblioCore.

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