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From language options and effortless eContent access to empowering patrons with proactive suggestions and secure payment solutions, make sure every facet of your library's digital experience is covered.

Ensure that Everyone Feels at Home While Navigating Your Digital Resources

With an expansive range of languages — from US English and Canadian English to Filipino, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese — your patrons can engage in a language that's most comfortable to them. Both BiblioCore and BiblioApps interfaces (buttons, labels, and messages) and online help sections are professionally translated by in-country experts. Regular updates ensure the language components remain accurate and current. And with BiblioApps supporting the same range of languages, your users get a consistent, culturally resonant experience across both platforms.

Hassle-Free Access to eContent Collections

Work smarter, not harder, and ensure your patrons have uninterrupted access to the best of your eContent. Synchronize eContent metadata directly from providers and showcase your collection in the BiblioCore catalog without diving into the often time-consuming task of creating or managing MARC records in the ILS. BiblioCloudRecords actively retrieves your library's holdings from vendors like OverDrive and Hoopla and creates cloud-based records. This allows patrons to place holds, checkout, and interact with items by adding reviews or adding to lists and shelves without a MARC record in the ILS.

Patrons Can Take a Proactive Role in Enhancing Their Local Library Experience

Forge stronger connections with your patrons and make them active participants in our library's growth by empowering them to easily recommend new titles in your catalog. With BiblioSuggest, you can avoid the common pitfalls of patron suggestions by using monthly suggestion caps, auto-approvals for renowned authors, and an intuitive catalog search that ensures patrons don't suggest your library already has in the collection. All BiblioSuggest features can be embedded within your BiblioCore site for easy access and management. 

Provide a PCI-Compliant Payment Method for Library Fees

With the help of BiblioFines, you can navigate the intricacies of fee and fine collection more easily and securely. BiblioFines integrates with PayPal and the ILS, enabling patrons to settle their payments online, right from the BiblioCore catalog. Both the safety of your patrons' information and a smooth transaction process are guaranteed with this PCI-compliant payment method that has achieved PCI DSS compliance certification under various programs and standards. Simply put, BiblioFines has made fee management efficient, secure, and incredibly user-friendly, allowing library staff to focus on what they love most — serving the library community.

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Deliver the same engaging experiences online as you do in your physical library spaces. With BiblioCore as the foundation, the BiblioCommons product suite works better together.

Discovery Layer

Provide a discovery layer that is so much more than an online repository of the library's collections and give patrons an online public library discovery experience unlike any other.

Mobile App

Drive patrons to the library with a modern, functional, and accessible mobile app that is library-branded and consistent with the online catalog experience they know and love.

Website Builder

Showcase the best your library has to offer with a fully integrated CMS and webpage builder that is beautiful, unique to your library's brand, and aligned with your goals.

Events Calendar  

Manage and promote your library's programs calendar with a simple, intuitive, and staff-friendly solution that patrons will love using to discover your events.

Email Marketing

Send personalized emails filled with visually rich content tailored to recipients' interests that use existing content from BiblioWeb, BiblioEvents, and BiblioCore.

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