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Showcase the Best Your Library Has to Offer with a Fully Integrated CMS and Webpage Builder

Design a beautiful and unique website that integrates with your discovery layer and event manager. You can focus on curating and showcasing all that your library has to offer and leave the security updates, bug fixes, responsive design, accessibility, and feature upgrades to us.

Produce Content Once and Publish It Anywhere

Your library’s content, such as collections, events, reading recommendations, blog posts, and online resources, are pulled from their original sources and automatically adapted to populate throughout your website. There’s no need for endless copying, pasting, reformatting, and updating.

Building Webpages is a Snap

With our best-in-class page builder, library staff can drag and drop elements to create pages rich with content modules and instant catalog carousels that automatically update. Easily showcase events by audience or theme, feature online resources, insert titles directly into blog posts, add imagery that automatically resizes, and showcase creative reading recommendations via staff lists created in BiblioCore.

Always Have Updated Content

Library staff use cards to manage content such as blogs, news, recommendation lists, events, online resources, and polls in BiblioWeb. Any updates to a content card are instantly reflected wherever that card is featured on the website or beyond. Plus, showcased events are automatically removed when the event is over, no action from staff required!

Create an Inviting Patron Experience

BiblioWeb seamlessly integrates with BiblioCore and BiblioEvents, allowing patrons to stay logged in and engaged as they place holds from blog posts, browse lists, check their account, and register for events. No matter where your patrons browse, the experience is uninterrupted, and your library’s branding stays consistent.

Impress Patrons with Beautiful Layouts

Show off your library’s collections and content with stunning and fully configurable templates that are inspired by the best the web has to offer. Library staff can also forego the templates and design new layouts from scratch to create online visitor journeys and pathways of discovery that are unique to their library voice and brand.

Showcase Personalized Promotions

Library staff can use Personalized Promotions to automatically show related website content within the catalog search experience. Patrons' searches will show visually appealing and contextually relevant content, including online resources, events, blog posts, staff recommendations, and more.

Fully Instrumented for Google Analytics 4

Track and understand website traffic to inform decisions about content creation and placement. BiblioWeb is fully equipped for Google Analytics 4, including a complete set of custom entities and properties for library use cases. Detailed data is anonymously collected and sent when patrons click on blog posts and event promotions, place holds, and much more.

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Deliver the same engaging experiences online as you do in your physical library spaces. With BiblioCore as the foundation, the BiblioCommons product suite works better together.

Discovery Layer

Provide a discovery layer that is so much more than an online repository of the library's collections and give patrons an online public library discovery experience unlike any other.

Discovery Layer Add-Ons

Enhance staff and patrons' experiences by providing multiple languages, integrating your e-resources, managing patrons' suggestions, and allowing patrons to oversee fines—all in the online catalog.

Mobile App

Drive patrons to the library with a modern, functional, and accessible mobile app that is library-branded and consistent with the online catalog experience they know and love.

Events Calendar  

Manage and promote your library's programs calendar with a simple, intuitive, and staff-friendly solution that patrons will love using to discover your events.

Email Marketing

Send personalized emails filled with visually rich content tailored to recipients' interests that use existing content from BiblioWeb, BiblioEvents, and BiblioCore.

Focus on content and community, not code.

Create and maintain a website with less effort and more impact.