You really can have it all: complete integration of your web presence; staff-friendly workflows; a unique, configurable homepage; constant enhancements in a secure environment. Up and running in a matter of months, not years.

A completely integrated website, catalog and events system. (Finally!)

Integrations between applications are one of the most expensive parts of any web build, but they’re essential. Patrons don’t distinguish between your website, catalog and events calendar. To them, it’s all just the “library’s website.”

BiblioWeb does all the heavy lifting to ensure that your website, catalog and events all work together to deliver a seamless user experience: one brand, one login, one experience.


Introducing BiblioWeb Version 3.0!


Staff Experience

Optimized for public libraries

Allow your team to focus their creative energies on content and curation where they can have the greatest impact, rather than reinventing the wheel with website development and maintenance or formatting information types that are common across all public libraries. BiblioWeb's tools, pre-built taxonomies, widgets and content-specific display templates make it easy for your staff to add, store, and organize your website content.

The Curation Console

With the Curation Console, cards and carousels are the new building blocks of your website. Content is created once in its native environment—blog posts on your website, lists in the catalog, events in your events calendar, tweets on Twitter—and then staff create a card or carousel to feature that content anywhere on the website. Need to make an edit on a piece of content that's featured in multiple places? Change it once and it'll change everywhere. It couldn't be easier to share, repurpose and remix your content.

After several attempts to work with outside agencies we moved to BiblioCommons. BiblioCommons understands the challenges that we face and they make it easier for our patrons to discover our variety without limiting choices. They work to offer a platform that fosters discovery by integrating the myriad of options and interfaces that many public libraries offer.
— Oli Sanidas, Director, Arapahoe Libraries

Patron Experience

Single sign-on

Patrons only need to login once to make use of everything your website has to offer. A single login carries across commenting, event registration, database access, and borrowing.

Consistent look and feel

BiblioWeb gives you a standard header, footer and navigation across all functionality, and it's available via an API so your team can carry it over to other pages or microsites built outside of BiblioWeb.

I love it so much. I love that I can thumb through books on my phone the way some people kill time reading Facebook or Twitter. I tell all my friends! Truly love it!!!!
— Omaha Public Library Patron

Low risk, high reward

Low risk, high reward

Oftentimes, a website gets built and then it gets left. Maintenance resources end up being consumed by other projects.

Instead, with BiblioWeb, you get continued iterative enhancements that are based on research data, A/B testing and current best practice. Plus, since we host your website, we take care of security for you.


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